Referral Program

With our Referral Program, you can earn a steady side income without any hassle. All you have to do is register with our agency and refer your clients who need translation services to us. We offer business, audiovisual, technical, marketing, pharmaceutical, agricultural, content, website translations and much more.

How Does it Work?

Our referral program is easy to understand, easy to promote, and an easy way to reward your most loyal customers. This means we can reach out to new clients with complete confidence in the quality of our translations and we appreciate your recommendations. Simply sign up for the Imagine Translations Referral Program and earn a commission every time your referred clients purchase our translation services. There is no limit to the number of customers you can refer. The more your customers buy, the more you earn.

You earn 17% of the amount your referred customer spends on us. Even better, the client you referred to us is yours forever. If one of your clients decides to purchase more translations a year later, you’ll still get your 17% cut.

Start Earning in 4 Easy Steps

Step 1: Create an affiliate account

Step 2: Find customers

Step 3: Advertise our translation service

Step 4: Redeem your commission

Are you ready? Join now!

There Are Several Ways to Use Our Imagine Translations Referral Program

  1. Add an affiliate link to your website

One way is to add your affiliate link to your website and share it on various social media platforms. We usually add banners or links to our website for people to see and click on. If you are a professional who needs translation services for your client, please provide a flyer or brochure with your translation agency’s contact information and affiliate code. Then those people can contact us through the details mentioned on those brochures and tell us the affiliate code.

  1. If you are an immigration lawyer

Immigration lawyers have to deal with immigration papers, which will need translation services before they can proceed further with their immigration process. Now lawyers can refer their clients to us by giving them our contact information and when their clients use our professional services and mention the affiliate code, the lawyer earns the commission.

  1. To grow your business

There is yet another way to work with us as an affiliate: the professional gets the documents to be translated from his clients and asks us to quote them. The expert will contact us directly and have our agency translate the client’s work into their name. This way the client will have the translated document without contacting us; the businessperson does all the work. The customer pays the businessperson. This payment includes his share. The customer then does his job, and the businessperson earns his commission.

Not sure what your profit is?

Earn 17% of what the customer you refer spends with us for the lifetime of that customer!. If a client purchases our services 30 days after, you can still receive a commission. Even if the client comes back for more work 3 years after the initial purchase, you still get a commission.

We provide everything you need to effectively promote your referral translation program. All you have to do is forward them to your customer. We do the rest! Need custom content? We can do it for you!

Open 24/7

Please contact us using the form below to request a callback, skype, or online meetings with the affiliate manager or owner as required. We will answer your questions and give you some ideas for promoting your affiliate program. We will contact you immediately by email and set up a meeting.