Mining Industry Translation


Mining industry requires a translation that shows a technical vocabulary. Each work we received is selected and delivered to our translators with an extensive knowledge of the subject matter. Our talented staff is prepared for a specific requirement in each of the projects and this ensures clarity and the faithful reflection of the proper context.

Our mining translations are reviewed by a second trained translator, to guarantee quality, accuracy and compliance with the standards required in the translated document.

Some of the translations we do:

  • Manual on drilling and exploration
  • Legal contracts related to the mining sector
  • Plan
  • Mine specialized programs
  • Safety manuals
  • Among others

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Additional Information

Turnaround time will depend on the amount of pages required. Please review the information below regarding estimated turnaround times.

Number of PagesEstimated Turnaround time
1-5 pages24-48 hours est. turnaround
5-10 Pages3-6 days est. turnaround
10-20 Pages7-10 days est. turnaround
20-50 Pages10-15 days est. turnaround
80-100 Pages20-30 days est. turnaround
100-200 Pages30-60 days est. turnaround
Over 200 PagesFor translation projects this large please request a quote
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