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Marketing translation is very significant for companies. It deals with the corporate image that will be shown on the market, as well as the product or service that will be introduced. In brief, the brand´s tone would be kept and known with the correct and strategic language.

Marketing is a necessary tool to introduce a company and expand its potential. This is achieved through effective advertising techniques and an optimized management of resources. Thus, it is important to carry out a good marketing translation to be engaged in the target market. Protect your company´s tone of voice through your products or services and the brand itself with an accurate language.

We have talented staff with extensive experience in marketing translations who will help with your website, social media, marketing campaigns and strategies and other network areas.

In addition, we offer transcription services, which consists of transferring and keeping faithfully the original message in the target language, no matter the language they speak. Customers will receive a sounded and natural message in their mother tongue with our services.

If you are thinking of positioning your brand worldwide, do not hesitate to contact us. We take care of your marketing language challenges by keeping accuracy, consistency and clarity. Our technical translation principles will bring you a successful company image as you achieve your financial plan and objectives.

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Turnaround time will depend on the amount of pages required. Please review the information below regarding estimated turnaround times.

Number of PagesEstimated Turnaround time
1-5 pages24-48 hours est. turnaround
5-10 Pages3-6 days est. turnaround
10-20 Pages7-10 days est. turnaround
20-50 Pages10-15 days est. turnaround
80-100 Pages20-30 days est. turnaround
100-200 Pages30-60 days est. turnaround
Over 200 PagesFor translation projects this large please request a quote
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