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Content transcription serves to transcribe messages from one language to another. It keeps always the meaning, style, context, and tone so when someone reads it, it would be read as if it were written in the original language.

Our professionals are capable to apply the necessary translation techniques in cases where the original message cannot be faithfully translated. We will make sure the original text is going to be highly appropriate in the proper context for the target market.

It will be a pleasure to help you place your brand in a comprehensive way and be known in different parts of the world. Be fully understood, this will greatly benefit your company.

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Turnaround time will depend on the amount of pages required. Please review the information below regarding estimated turnaround times.

Number of PagesEstimated Turnaround time
1-5 pages24-48 hours est. turnaround
5-10 Pages3-6 days est. turnaround
10-20 Pages7-10 days est. turnaround
20-50 Pages10-15 days est. turnaround
80-100 Pages20-30 days est. turnaround
100-200 Pages30-60 days est. turnaround
Over 200 PagesFor translation projects this large please request a quote
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USD $25.00

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